Bridge Ensemble

Flamenco & Persian music


The Bridge Ensemble plays a mix of Persian and Spanish/Flamenco music in which the common grounds these two musical traditions are explored. Both own compositions and arrangements of well-known music are played, in which the sounds of classical Persian instruments such as Tar and Setar are mixed with contemporary instruments such as guitar, flute and cajón.

The Bridge Ensemble can be booked for an event. Settings from 2 up to 5 artists are possible!

Send a message through the contact form providing some information about the event and we will contact you!



The Bridge Ensemble is based in the Netherlands and was founded in 2015 by the in Iran born Tar / setar player Arash Aria and flamenco guitarist Kambiz Afshari. Inspired by their different but also partly common musical background they felt the need to make new creations from the combination of two strongly rooted musical traditions.
They worked out the concept more and more by giving different accents in the performances they gave through collaborations with new artists in the field of Persian as well as Spanish (flamenco) vocals, dance and percussion.

Here is a list of the artist that have performed with the Bridge Ensemble so far.

Irene Gabarrón, Maite Neri (flute)
Iván Nogueira (cello)
Amirhossein Eftekhari, Saeid Siadati, Ahmad Noucandi (Persian vocals)
Manuel Espinosa (Flamenco vocal en percussion)
Sarini Nieto Moreno (Flamenco dance)
Erfan Pejhanfar, Samad Hosseini, Yazdan Dadbeh (Tonbak/Daf)
Javier Infestas (percussion)

The founders

Arash Aria
Arash Aria
Kambiz Afshari
Kambiz Afshari